Summer has come and gone! It’s time for kids to head back to school and for us to start enjoying the cooler temperatures outside. We have some wonderful things planned for you this month!

The first Monday in September is Labor Day, when we recognize the contributions that American workers have made to the prosperity of this great country. Then on Grandparents Day, we appreciate the wise members of

our family who pass on their love, important values, beliefs and ideals to future generations.

Finally, the 20th Annual Family Health & Fitness Day focuses on families staying physically active and eating healthy throughout the year.

Enjoy all the great content in this month’s e-zine!


Have a great September from Sole'renity Spa!


Summer Repair & Renew For Face & Body


Repair Your Skin From The Harmful Summer Sun

Summer’s harsh rays made your skin dry and dull?

Let us help you repair your skin from dry layers, impurities and clogged pores with an exfoliating facial and/or peel treatment.

Reserve an Advanced Anti-Aging HydraFacial Treatment and receive a complimentary Procell Collagen Eye Treatment!  

Price: $210
Value: $250


Are you noticing more wrinkles or loose and sagging skin lately?


Restore the elasticity in your skin and reduce wrinkles with injectables. If you are considering injectables, we can help! We have experts with many years of experience that are ready to help you take years off your face but still look natural, not frozen.


Reserve a consultation and let us help you look younger!


Receive a complimentary $25 Gift Voucher with your first Botox or Fillers Treatment!


Exfoliate & Hydrate!


Remove dead skin cells with a body scrub to help exfoliate your body, leaving your skin silky soft. Complete your treatment with a massage to help you hydrate and experience total renewal.

Reserve a Body Scrub & a Massage and receive a $25 Gift Voucher FREE to use on your next visit!


Have a teenager who is suffering from acne?

Due to high treatment demand, we are offering an ENCORE! Help your teen boost their confidence and self-esteem with the Acne Be Gone Facial. Schedule a consultation and let us set up an Acne Program to repair your teen’s skin.

Reserve a Facial during the month of September and receive a complimentary Acne Mask!


Are you still using a variety of face creams every night hoping that you’ll find that one miracle cream that will have you waking up looking younger and flawless the next morning? Creams are great, but to repair more serious conditions such as wrinkles, you will need to try Botox.


Botox is a purified protein molecule used for cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. By interrupting the messages that the brain sends to the muscles through the nerves, Botox stops your muscles from reacting to certain facial expressions. This allows your skin to remain smooth and wrinkle-free. It is most commonly used on the upper area of the face, around the eyes and between the eyebrows to reduce frown lines. As a result, Botox makes you look younger! There are benefits associated with Botox treatments versus other anti-aging techniques.


As we age year after year, we look in the mirror and begin to notice more fine lines or wrinkles and we wish they would magically disappear. There’s nothing wrong with aging gracefully. Now, taking a few years off of your face is easy with Botox.


Within a few days of getting your Botox treatment, you will see beautiful results! Your face will appear to be rested, relaxed and refreshed. People will begin to compliment you on how great and vibrant you look!


Botox results last up to 3 months, sometimes longer. Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments! Millions of people are choosing Botox as a solution to maintaining a youthful appearance.


Click Here to reserve your complimentary consultation!

Healthy Recipe

Whip up this invigorating detox smoothie that’s bursting with vitamins and tastes refreshingly delicious! The healthy ingredients in this recipe help deliver powerful antioxidants into your body while giving you an extra boost of nutrition.


See you soon at Sole'renity Spa!

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